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  • Californians for Affordable Rx

    In the Golden State, Californians have each other’s backs. We may be rivals when the Giants and Dodgers play, but when it comes down to legislative decisions that impact all of us, Californians band together to make sure these measures work for us all. 

    That’s what Californians for Affordable Rx is here to support.

    We are committed to helping Californians access affordable prescription drugs by identifying and calling out the reasons our prescription drug costs are increasing. This includes shining a light on one-sided legislative actions proposed by special interests that favor one industry or company over others in the drug supply chain. These legislative proposals hurt consumers and their families by forcing them to choose from fewer options at the pharmacy counter, and ultimately, pay more for their medications.  

    Through Californians for Affordable Rx, we are working to educate our lawmakers, as well as the public, to show them how special interests are manipulating the system in their favor and making Rx less accessible and more expensive. 


  • The Independent Pharmacy Lobby

    The image of the "quaint neighborhood pharmacy" has gained the attention of many in Sacramento just as the special interests behind independent pharmacies continue to twist the facts for the sole purpose of increasing their bottom lines.


    They say they need government handouts and additional regulations because they are struggling, but that’s simply not true.


    In fact, the number of independent pharmacies is growing, with 172 more independent pharmacies in California today than there were just 10 years ago.


    And this trend in not exclusive to California, it is happening nationwide. New pharmacy data reveals that the overall number of independent pharmacy stores increased nationwide over the past decade, with 2,645 more independent pharmacies in the United States than there were in 2011, which is almost a 13% increase over 10 years.


    It’s high time to change the false narrative spread by independent pharmacies and ask our elected officials to implement the same level of reporting requirements to PSAOs as they do for other health care entities.

  • The Big Truth Behind Prescription Drug Costs

    As with any product on the shelf, there is only one entity responsible for setting the price: the manufacturer.

    In the prescription drug market, pharmaceutical companies alone are responsible for setting the price of their products.

    In fact, many pharmaceutical companies set the cost of prescription drugs at tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars per year, raising them year after year and sometimes twice in a single year. 


    So far this year, drug manufacturers have already raised the price of 500 drugs. ​


    During a global PANDEMIC and impending recession, they increased prices on more than 2,100 drugs.

  • A Better Prescription for California

    Luckily, there are patient advocates, including Pharmacy Benefit Managers (PBMs), who work arduously on behalf of patients to lower Rx costs, take on drug manufacturers and help employers find the right health care benefits that work for them and their employees. In fact, 93% of employers like their PBM—and 81% say PBMs help reduce their Rx costs.


    Let’s ask legislators to:

    Stop Overregulation

    Stop unnecessary regulation and cut the bureaucratic red tape.

    Support Commonsense Reforms

    Bring all the key players in the drug supply-chain to the table to come up with commonsense reforms that actually lower costs and increase accessibility for patients and their families.

    Support Employer Choice​

    Let employers make health care choices that are best for them and their employees.

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